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Battery Saver - Battery Calibration and Recovery

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  • Battery Saver - Battery Calibration and Recovery

    Battery Saver is designed to help you improve battery life on Android mobile devices. It will keep track of your battery information in real-time, enabling you to kill unwanted background running processes and identify the apps causing CPU to overheat. This batter saver tool also doubles up as a fast cleaner app, freeing up a ton of your phone’s RAM and memory. What’s more, it acts as a power saver.

    Battery Saver App features

    The fast cleaner and battery saver app is loaded with a bevy of exciting features, which include:
    ● Phone booster
    ● CPU cooler
    ● Junk cleaner
    ● Power saving modes
    ● Accurate prediction of battery life

    Phone booster

    With the phone booster feature, you automatically monitor all the applications that run on your device, including those in the background. You will receive notifications on the apps that consume the most energy. Well, you can choose to shut down the unnecessary apps and only keep your favorite ones running. This can save you a significant amount of battery power so you wouldn’t have to constantly worry about low battery levels. You will surely spend less time with the charger plugged to your phone.

    Junk cleaner

    The app is designed with a powerful junk cleaner for Android that can greatly help with optimizing your device. Your phone will slow down when it runs out of available memory. If that happens, it makes your battery to drain more quickly. This feature allows you to clear cache data, residual files, temporary files, and system junk, which can eat a lot of your memory space. Please note that the junk cleaner does not delete documents, videos, photos, music, or files stored on your phone.

    CPU cooler

    In the Battery Saver app, you’ll find the CPU cooler that scans your smartphone and identifies the apps causing excess heat. It disables such apps to reduce the temperature of your device to a safe level with a single tap. Achieving optimum temperature is one way of squeezing more battery life from your device, as well as protecting your CPU and other hardware components from potential damage.

    Power saving modes

    The app comes with power-saving modes for maximum optimization. You can easily save battery by switching to ultra-fast and extreme power saver modes. For example, applying the power saving mode enables you to control the brightness of your phone, shut down battery consuming apps, decrease device performance, and use the black and white scheme to avoid battery draining.

    Accurate prediction of battery life

    Since this fast cleaner master and battery saver constantly keeps track of every app’s power consumption, it can give you more accurate predictions on battery charge levels. It can show you the extent to which you can extend the battery life in terms of hours or minutes.

    Download the Battery Saver App now! You can’t go wrong with this battery monitor for your Android device. It will instantly fix the power consumption issues and extend battery life. Also, this app can be great for battery calibration, ensuring your battery charge level is absolutely accurate.

    Download via Playstore:

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