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Almost After Decade.. Unbelievable

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  • Almost After Decade.. Unbelievable

    Asalam o Alikum,

    Hope everyone will be fine and safe from on going COVID-19.
    I just remembered PG form and thought to google it..and luckily found it. once a upon time this forum had great members.. Yadien rehgye hai ..
    lets see who will come to this post for a reply

    u can't gain RESPECT by choice nor by requesting it... it is earned through your words & actions."


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    Wa allaikum salaam

    Bohat der ki mehrbaan aatey aatey...

    Time has changed! So too Pegham.

    There are some new active members - otherwise, people have moved on.

    The PG databases were damaged last week for the first time since its creation - and unfortunately, I didn¨t had backup. So lost a year of it... we are now back to 2019!!!.

    Pegham is now a blog where the forum is a part of it now.

    مجھے تلاش نہ کر ذوقِ بیخودی سجود
    نظر کی چند شعاعوں میں گھر گیا ہوں میں


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      Walikum asslam..
      Umeed krty hai ap kharyat sa hungy.